Transportation Services in Rovaniemi and elsewhere in northern Finland

We can transport almost anything from smaller sized groupage cargoes with a van to full heavy loads. In addition to normal loads we offer transports to over-sized cargoes. We handle urgent deliveries and paperwork required in transportation for you. Transport company Nosto- ja Huolintalinja Oy from Rovaniemi offers you diverse services – contact us

Kuljetuspalvelu rakennustyömaalle Rovaniemellä.

Transports to Construction Sites

We transport building materials, construction machines etc. to construction sites. Also lifting work can be done by us, if needed. We serve all kinds of construction sites.

Different Kinds of Special Transportation

We manage to handle even the most difficult over-sized cargoes for you.

Pakettiautokuljetukset Rovaniemellä ja Lapissa.

Transportations with a Van

We transport smaller sized groupage cargoes with a van. We transport deliveries fast and safely.

Kuukulkija lavetin kyydissä.

Machine and Equipment Transportation

We can help you with transportation of tractors, excavators, earth-movers and other machines, for example. With a low loader we can transport different kind of other constructions and general cargoes to you.

Konttikuljetus Rovaniemellä.

Intermodal Containers and Barracks

We can transfer different intermodal containers and barracks with demountable platform trucks, loaders cranes or trucks with a trailer.


Dangerous Goods Transportation

Our drivers are educated to transport ADR goods.